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What can I do with GetIt?

Save & Open Requests

Save your requests to share them with your team, or to resend it at a later time.

Send Custom POST Data

Send the kind of data your API expects. Wheter it' XML, JSON or just plain text. GetIt will get the job done.

Syntax Highlighting

Wheter you're sending custom data or trying to figure out the response. GetIt will highlight both of those.

GetIt - Save the request

save & open requests

Don't type the same over and over

When you're working with your team or alone, it's always good to be able to save your request. That way you don't have to type the same things over and over again when continueing the next day.
Requests will be saved in a normal JSON file so you can easilly manipulate the request with a text editor if you need to.

custom POST data

Send the request you want

GetIt allows you to send any type of POST data. If the API your requesting only needs JSON, then you can send JSON, does the API only accept XML then send it XML. When sending custom POST data GetIt can highlight the syntax for you to make your life a little easier!
In GetIt we call this ‘raw‘ data, as oppose to the key value pairs you would normally send with GetIt.

GetIt - Raw POST data
GetIt - Syntax highlighting on response

syntax highlighting

View the response as it should be viewed

When you have sent a request GetIt will try to automatically highlight the syntax of the response. This will make it easier for you to read the response whatever type of response it may be.